Tuesday, September 27, 2016


One day, when we were driving our car- actually, we were just waiting at a stop light- we saw a baby bunny run by. We were pointing it out, when it ran into the road. We were thinking about how skinny it looked, when it ran under our car. We were running out of the car to get it, when the light turned green. Then we got honked at, cause' we were at the front of the stop light lane we were in. Eben got a PVC pipe and got the bunny out from under the car. It was wedged not in front of, not in back of but under the side of the tire, so that if we moved at all we would kill it. Eben picked it up and we put in in a cardboard box to take home, because we didn't know if it was injured or not. I held it on the way home, and we stopped by the pet store and picked up a water bottle and some bunny food. It was actually more like bunny treats, but it helped fatten her up. We found out she was OK, but probably couldn't survive in the wild. We played with it for a little bit and made it a little cardboard box-house.

After a few days, she kept almost jumping out, so we moved her to the kitchen and put a fireplace gate at the entrance. Some of our friends said it was a girl, and we named her 'Flufferman Butterscotch Charles Baby Bunny Caramel Buttercup', Fluffy for short. After about a month and a half, we moved Fluffy to Mama and Dada's bathroom, because it's really big, under construction and is not in the way. We had originally planned to keep her until she died, but this is about three months later and she's three times the size she was originally! Mama loves her and lets her go outside every day for like eight hours. She loves her so much that she ate her for dinner one night! --> Just kidding.

 She never leaves the property, except for one night when it was dark and we found her frolicking in the middle of the road at the foot of a raccoon tree. She's not the smartest of rabbits. 

Now Flufferman is really big and comes right up to you when you call her. We hope she lives a good, long bunny life (without getting eaten!).

This is baby- Flufferman, to the left and 
now- Flufferman below.


  1. Kivi Wivi,
    Ah, cutest little Flufferman. Such a cuddly bunny. Well, I guess that living life in a blue bathroom is better than getting hit by a car or eaten by a wild animal. (That picture of your mama is creepy by the way).
    And, by the way, I love you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!

  2. Hey, update on Flufferman; it's actually a boy, like his name.